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CAMEX x WOLT Partnership



Discover Camex now on Wolt and get your package delivered to the address of your choice. Wolt delivery service can be used for parcels up to 15 kg from Camex branches in Tbilisi and Batumi.
To receive a Camex package:
- Search for Camex on Wolt: Type Camex in the app's search box
- Select the Camex branch where your package arrived (please note that if you choose the wrong branch, the order will be canceled without refund)
- In the "Leave a comment" field, enter your data: room number, tracking code, first and last name
- Confirm all the fields, place the order and receive your parcel in a few minutes!
To use the Wolt delivery service, you must:
- Have paid the transportation fee
- Your item(s) should not require customs clearance
- Your name and surname must match the name and surname of the owner of the package
For further questions, please contact the Camex Call Center at (032) 2 444 888 or Wolt Support