Main Page News CAMEX starts partnership with Glovo !

CAMEX starts partnership with Glovo !

Search CAMEX in GLOVO menu and order delivery service!
Service fee - 5.5 GEL
Important Information:
  • GLOVO menu displays 3 options of CAMEX Offices. Please, choose the correct pickup office of your package.
  • If you choose the wrong office and pickup is unsuccessful by GLOVO, the order will be cancelled and delivery fee will not be refunded. The cancelled order charge is 4.5 GEL. The order should be placed again and correct office selected.
  • Please, indicate your room number (C or B number) in "allergy" field and leave a comment about the dims and weight of your package. 
  • In case the parcel's actual or dimensional weight exceeds 8 kg, the car delivery service will be provided by GLOVO.
  • The order for delivery service cannot be placed if 
            1. The transportation fee is not paid
            2. The parcel is subject to customs clearance
            3. The parcel is fragile
  • CAMEX takes no responsibility for the packages that are not opened and checked in our offices.
If you have any questions, please call CAMEX call center at 0322 444888