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Promotion action Magnet connects online shoppers for one purpose: shopping becomes more interesting and profitable. Invite a friend, share a secret of advantage and get benefit!


Magnet makes it super easy to create connections

1* - Inviter: Invite a friend, make him/her indicate your room number in the field of ,,inviter” at registration and get 0,30 GEL for each 1 kg he/she gets as bonus on your balance.

2* - Invitee: Register on, enter the inviter’s room number in inviter's field at registration and get shipping rate 6.75$ for 1 kg


What is the benefit of Magnet?

Inviter gets bonus on personal balance: 0,30 Gel for each 1 kg received by each attracted friend. The more friends you invite and the more they shop, the more is the bonus amount.

By indicating the inviter's room number in the relevant field the attracted customer will get reduced shipping rate: 1 kg=$6.75


How does it work?

Tell your friends about Camex, share your personal room number and wait for bonuses on the balance.


You register at, activate the account by the link received on your e-mail and indicate the inviter's personal room number in relevant field. Your shipping rate will be $6.75 instead of $6.95


Number of attracted friends is not limited. Invited customer may also become Inviter and get benefits.


Your bonus amount will be paid for shipping. Join Camex and gain profit!